Hello I have a 1983 320i 5 speed and had a ? to all about the a/c system. Currently everything works on the a/c system compressor blower everything but no cold air as I am sure its out of R12. I would like to know the best way to go about getting the a/c working again. I was told there are 2 options the 1st get a product called Freeze 12 to add in to replace the R12 that is obsolete today. The 2nd option is getting a universal conversion kit from a Auto parts store and Have a mechanic suck out all the old R12 then change the Nipples (hot and cold intake caps) then add in R134 the new stuff. Can someone please advise me as to which option is the better way to go with such a older car to get the A/C back up and blowing cold air. Also if there is a another option not listed here please advise me as well. Thanks very much for your help.