Hello I am new at this so perhaps you could welcome me and give me some tips on how this works. I am happy to find a site like this...... Well I do have a question perhaps someone could take a stab at. I have a 83 320i 5 speed the problem is it runs hot a lot. The temp gauge will go over the half way mark (3/4) to be exact when sitting at a red light or when its hot. Is this normal for the E21's 81-83 for those years? If not please advise me as to what it might be. I have already gone over many things such as coolant flush, new radiator, installed new thermostat cooler Tempature (171F versus the factory 180F thought that would help it did a little). Everything else works great belts, fan, new water pump, wow the car is great no problems other then this one I am naming please advise me thanks.