Friends - In April I am returning my 2007 328xi coupe at lease end, and the car performed flawlessly. At purchase in 2007 my dealer allowed me to exchange the RF OEM tires for a set of Bridgestones, and I carried a spare in the trunk that took up a lot of space while sparing me from the harsh ride of the RFs. With lease end approaching I decided to buy a new 328xi (sport, staggered wheels, premium) sedan, which I ordered, and I am again considering exchanging the OEM RFs for another set of Bridgestones, which have been great. But I have not yet decided, largely because the spare in the trunk is something of a hassle and if the RFs have improved considerably I might stay with them. So my question is whether in your experience the RF tire really detracts from the ride in comparison to a high end conventional tire now that the RF technology has been around a while. My plan would be to put snows on in the winter (Albany, NY), so the RF OEMs would not be used during the four coldest months of the year (Dec-Mar). It basically comes down to the difference in performance between the Bridgestones and the RFs 9 months a year. And are there some RFs that are better than others? Many thanks for your help. Mort