Hello owners,
I am 50+ and looking for a new fun car. I've had an Infinity but really got the best use, over 200,000 miles with modest repairs, out of a practical Nissan. I do not need a 5 or 7 series bmw. I went to a dealer the other day to get an education. they thought I should have a 3 series coupe and didn't think I should even hear about the 1 series. What did I miss? I can only afford an older model that's probably just out of lease. This will be my weekend car, only for fun, trips, not hauling passengers. I am practical so looking for good gas mileage, no repair-drain of money. I don't care about the "frosting" as much as I care about the "cake". Thanks for any advice. Oh, I guess it would have to be about $18-20,000 with some cash down and financing. Is it better to go to a corp. or private dealer? Thanks you so much.