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Thread: 7 series

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    7 series

    I am looking for a good 2005 or '06 7 series. Anything I should know before buying, bad or good? Anyhting to make sure my model has, or anyhting else? I have owned BMW's for the last 10 years or so, (3 series and Z-3). Thanks for your time....

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    Re: 7 series

    We owned a Z-3 and moved up to a 06 7 series. I would recommend the Li, the extra room is nice in the back. It will be alot quieter the the Z-3, obviously :^). The seal around the sunroof will allow significant air noise when worn. A new seal makes a world of difference. We have the convenience package and love it but I wish I could polish up the aluminum trim it comes with. Be selective on the interior we choose black. Whne you look at the lighter colors say tan, the door rubber seal leave a black stain on the cloth of the door jams. We had to replace a projector lamp assembly and the cars software was updated to a new version. Everything was done under warranty, I would recommend a CPO. We just purchased the extended warranty from the dealer. Just went over the 60K and purchased a new set of tires. The new tires made more difference than I thought they would. We've been very happy.

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    Re: 7 series

    Of course one thing to remember is that the model update occurred between '05 and '06 - more powerful engine and styling changes. We have 51k on our 06 and its been a really nice car. Id recommend the upgraded stereo and seat packages. My preference is the 750i due to its slightly better performance and handling. The long wheelbase car has more room in the back, but its size becomes more noticeable when you are familiar with the handling of smaller sedans.

    Our car has been pretty reliable the most notable failures being an angel eye replacement and a wheel bearing replacement after warranty. BMW stepped up to pay for the bearing. I agree that the sunroof seal is a problem as it was on three E39s (540i and M5s) that I owned in the past. Make sure you have up-to-date software as early versions allowed rough idle after starting on cool mornings (software update helped compensate for US gasoline that provides more of a challenge for this engine than the good stuff in Germany). Making sure you get gas from Top Tier suppliers is probably a good idea.

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