I recently had one of the worst car experiences in my life. I went to New Century BMW in Alhambra to get an Oil Change and a Turn Light Bulb replaced. So I give them the keys and they take my car.

An hour later I get back my BMW X5 4.4i but it looks and feels different.

They Stole one of my BMWs New Headlight Assemblies and replaced it with an Old Dirty Diffused Cloudy Discolored Headlight Assembly! They also took the Air out of my Tires! My BMW X5's two front tires purposely flatten to 28 psi & the back ones to 32 psi, the new Tire Stems on my Goodyear Response Edge Performance Tires had been broken & twisted! ( These are 44 PSI Tires) & it seemed that they didn't even top off my Oil!!!!

I was charged $500 to have my X5 trashed / Do not take your car to New Century BMW in Alhambra / There is no control there

I need some help in fighting & correcting this, I contacted the Manager but he hasn't returned my call, do I need to contact the Better Business Bureau of the United States America -