Hi All,

Wanted your views on how to go about the following... I have recently bought a 2006 M5.

As far as my cellphone, I have an E51. Have had it the day it was released and am loving it! I also thought the E52 would be a good upgrade to the E51, however was so thoroughly disappointed, that I sold it and reverted to the E51!! The issue now is that whilst talking, the calls drop within 3 minutes or so, and the phonebook does not download onto the iDrive. I experimented with my mum's iPhone 3G and the name sync worked very well.

I was wondering what phone you would recommend me. Before you do, I would like to state the following:

1. I like the E51 due to its sheer size, speed and ease of use; I disliked the E52 due to its buttons and shortcuts, esp separate Email button. SMS+Email should be together.

2. I have been attracted to the iPhone and was close to buying it some time ago. However, the fact that one cannot receive nokia business cards was a big drawback for me.

3. I am not too email dependant and hence wasnt too attracted to the Berry.

4. I am not a fan of QWERTY phones, as it makes them broad and ugly. Also, I am fast enough on T9

5. I dont like stylus phones.

6. A friend had mentioned about the Nexus1 some time ago and i started becoming curious towards it. After a little more research into the phone, I discovered the HTC Desire, which will soon be out.

I know its about time I change my phone. What would you recommend to me which will sync best and smoothly with the vehicle and also one which you think I would like, looking at the above 6 points.

Appreciate your help in advance!