Bear with me, I've tried searching this and other forums, but the sheer number of ways to describe a shudder makes searching somewhat hopeless without doing ten different searches with different phrasings, all saying the same basic thing.

I've got a '99 323 and I'm getting a vibration/shudder, mostly through the clutch pedal. Only when actively engaging or disengaging the clutch do I get any vibration. Any gear, but the higher I go, the less pronounced. If I'm clipping along at any speed, I can usually feel it if I slip the clutch slightly. Nothing felt in neutral when depressing the pedal either. It usually, not always, goes away after a few miles. The more I have to shift, the quicker it seems to go away.

I'm seeing many say it could be the early signs of a warn clutch, before it loses it's ability to self-adjust. That the right direction?

Regardless of what it is in the end, if it is clutch, pressure plate, or bearing related, they all get replaced at once. Any troubleshooting I can try to narrow it down? I'm not afraid to tear into it, I've changed enough clutches in my time. I could tear an E30 to pieces and throw it all back together, but am still relatively new to E46s.

I appreciate any insight.
J Twaletta (ABAA#00001)