I just bought my '05 330ci ZHP last month and the Sirius was working when I got it. I thought maybe the previous owner had a subscription that hadn't expired yet and I was hoping it was a lifetime plan. After a couple of weeks, and while listening to the Sirius, the music shut off and a message to call 888-539-SIRIUS was being displayed. I just figured my "free" subscription ended.

I got the ESN number by holding the SAT button on the radio. I went on-line to subscribe and tried to activate the radio three times unsuccessfully. I called Sirius and the rep said he sent an activation signal that was different than what I can do on-line and it still didn't work after another three attempts.

He said I should be able to tune to channel 184, which is the "preview" channel, even without a subscription. I can not tune to any channels. All I get is the call Sirius message. He said more than likely I have a bad module and to take it to the BMW dealer.

There is no warranty left on the car, so that is not my first choice.

How do you test a Sirius module? It is the factory unit mounted in the trunk with the two antenna leads goining through an adapter to the puck style antenna. Could it be the adapter? It says "made in china" on it so that makes me think it might be bad.

I have the factory 6 disc changer that is daisy-chained through the Sirius unit and it is working fine. I removed the #7 and #41 radio fuses and left them out overnight to reset everything. Didn't help.

Any other suggestions?