Just got a stain on my rag top, think it came from some kind orad crap. I certainly tried hard to remove it and couldn't. My car is always garaged and RaggTop is applied twice a year. First I tried ChemDry, a carbonated cleaner tha works very well on my house carpeting and upholster...nothing. Then Pet Woolite, also very good stuff...nothing. Then 303 cleaner...nothing. Finally, Tuff Stuff...nothing. I was thinking that the stain may be due to some kind of oil, but have no idea what to use next. Although for oil on the driveway, cat litter or corn starch work very nicely as absorbant, but i don't know about using it on the top??? Any suggesstions?

2002 TiSil/Blk 325i SP
2005 Merlot/Tan Z4 2.5L