I have a '85 528e, and am desperately looking to redo the interior. I was told to join this site by my dad (BEEMRMAX). He said it was the best place to look. =] Oddly enough, with my father being quite the enthusiast, I don't know all that much about these cars, but I know mine has a lot of potential.

I'm looking for black cloth or the black buffalo hide M5 seats, although it seems I'll probably never see a set in real life. =P Really, I'll take any full set in decent condition that I can find. Last August my BF got rear-ended on his way to work, and the impact broke the driver's seat (it drives me nuts!) I've tried to find them online with no luck.

Also, I am looking to eventually get euro-bumpers for her, so any suggestions there would be amazing!

Anywhoo, thought I'd give this place a shot.