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    Runflats...sign of the times

    I'm generally over on the E-46 board, but I thought I'd share a runflat observation with y'all.

    Like most of us, I know how to change a tire. It's easy work. However running a few errands yesterday, I know see one reason why BMW has moved to runflats (and probably eliminated dipsticks too). It is ignorant owners. In the course of less than 40 miles of driving, I saw two vehicles being driven with completely flat tires. One was clearly an old beater, so it is highly likely that there wasn't a serviceable spare or jack in the vehicle. The other was a current model Civic who was chugging along after dark for several miles (saw him walking to my car, and several miles later when I passed him). These sightings were not on limited access highways, rather just in suburbia. There were plenty of places to pull into a parking lot and change a tire. Frankly, the ignorance of the drivers astounded me. The dude driving the Civic ought to just cut his balls off and donate them, because he certainly isn't using them.

    With folks like these drivers making up a larger and larger proportion of the car-buying public, it is no wonder that manufacturers are eliminating everything that us user serviceable.

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    Agree! Saw dude yesterday afternoon cruising...

    down a city street with plenty of places to pull over and change the right rear tire that he had no idea was flat. Pathetic...but we've got an entire generation(s) coming(already here) with this kind of mentality.

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