I am attempting to replace trailing arm bushings on my 2000cs. Mobile tradition lists the same parts as 2002 (called 30mm bush or something like that). I had a set of new stock ones leftover from a 2002tii rebuild I did years ago. I went to put them in and found steel sleeves that reduce the holes in the trailing arm down to 24mm or so. I don't recall seeing thes on the 2002, but that was years ago. Those sleeves have absolutely no intention on coming out.

Before I cut them out I have a couple questions:

Has anyone measured the diameter of the holes in the trailing arm where the bushings go? If so, what's the diameter?

If replacing bushings with aftermarket urethane or adjustable units, what's the diameter of those parts?

I expect the rubber bushings to compress, but I just don't know how much they will compress. It doesn't look like they'll be diving into the 24mm holes that I have, but I'd hate to cut those sleeves out only to wish I hadn't.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you!