Need info/advice from the experts here...I have a line on a 1981 323i Euro car that is being offered to me as an Alpina car. What I know - the car was purchased new in Euro in 1981 by a US citizen/IBM employee living in France, then imported as a personal car (no smog mods required) to US when this person returned from Europe. The original owner gave the car to his son before he moved to Arizona recently and the son traded the car to a local BMW repair garage in my area. The car has Alpina wheels (15" staggered), Alpina steering wheel, Alpina shift knob, Alpina instru. cluster. with Recaros, the correct air dam & rear spoiler. The car sits lower than a stock 320i/E21 and has Bilstein shocks. There are no Alpina decals and the interior upholstry is done in stock blue/gray E21 cloth. It has dual exhaust and rear disc, but that is stock on all 323i cars, right? Outward appearance would indicate this is an Alpina conversion. But outward appearance of engine doesn't indicate anything "Alpina". How do I determine if the car is an Alpina conversion, and if so how do I confirm that the 2.3 engine was modified by Alpina? And is there a way to determine if Alpina mods were done in Buchloe rather than by an Alpina dealership in France, Germany or elsewhere? Thanks in advance for any information that anyone can provide. Timwilsada