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    A little off-topic, but anyone else irked by this?

    I just perused the BMWs For Sale - Daily Update as I usually do, and glanced at this, the only listing: "06 BMW 325i 3.0L e90 4d".

    At first I didn't notice the year, and just saw 325i, then 3.0L. I thought that was strange, maybe someone had done an engine change. Then I saw the telltale "e90" and realized I had been bamboozled by Bangle! Yes, one of those irritatingly styled new 3-series with the engine displacements all the same, yet with differing model designations! I'll bet it has run-flats and no dipstick as well.

    There is something just not right about a BMW with a 3-litre engine being called a 325i. One thing I have enjoyed about both our BMWs (a 2003 330ci and a 2001 Z3 Coupe) is the underlying LOGIC of the breed. Everything works as it should, everything placed where it should be to maximize the driver enjoyment, and everything comes apart just like the manual describes.

    This 325i with a 3.0 liter engine just isn't logical!

    OK, rant mode off or the nurse will hear and come by with the Thorazine!

    Paul Kile

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    A valid point.

    Until the E90, you knew what you were getting by the designation. I'll allow them a little fudging, as my 1980 320i was really a 318, but to use it as a level of trim designation is misleading. And no, it most likely didn't have anything optional; I got one as a loaner one day, and couldn't imagine anyone paying $40 large for it. I certainly wouldn't.

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    I recall the early 325(E30???) with a 2.7 and the

    there are many instances in the E46 where the name is not necessarily representative of engine size
    '99-'00 323 had a 2.5 M52 and on many
    European models
    2001-2005 316i had a 1.8
    This goes back a ways too...when I was in Germany in 1976 I saw a lot of BMW 1502 models running around and they all had 1.6 liter engines...the "15" should be indicative of a 1.5 litre engine. For the most part the name of the car does represent the size of the engine, but not always. Perfect example is my current 335i...it has a 3.0 litre.
    So this is nothing new to BMW

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