I have a 2004 BMW 330Cic. In late 2007 I began having probems with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPM) giving me false low tire pressure indictions. Eventually, the system totally failed and would not reset.

History of problem:

Originally this car was equipped with 17" Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMTs (run flats.) After those tires wore out from normal use in 2006, I changed the from the run flats to the regular (non-run flat) Goodyear Eagles. (Other than not being run flat anymore, the tires are otherwise the same brand, model, and size.)

About 18 months later (2007) I noticed the TPM would occasionally give false low pressure warnings, despite tire pressure being normal. As time progressed, these false warnings went from occasional to frequently, then to constant. Once this problem became a constant occurance, I would reset the system, only to get a false warning occur after a few miles of driving. Finally, I couldn't even get the sytem to reset at all.

The dealer service dept said it was probably because my (2nd set of )tires were by now getting worn (less than 50% tread remaining,) and that when I did finally replace the tires, the problem would likely go away. I had my doubts, but I none-the-less drove the car with that annoying TPM light on for a very long time. Those tires were replaced 2 months ago with a new set of the exact same ones. Surprise surprise, that didn't fix it.

So I took the car to the dealer last month. They found that the TPM's computer module, called a RST, was inoperative. They replaced it, ($700.) But the problem didn't completely go away. With the new RST, I am once again now able to reset the TPM, (a slight improvment in the problem,) but after driving anywhere from a few minutes to about a half hour, the false TPM warnings still occur.

So back to the dealer it went. They inspected the sensors at the wheels which checked out OK. They even replaced the RST with second one in case the first one was bad. In short, they told me they checked everything they could with respect to the TPM system

They are stumped.

At this point, I would be happy if they could simply disable the TPM system to extinguish the annoying warning light.