2001 330I 160k original owner

Last year I replaced my rear shocks with Bilstein HD shocks. I reused the top mounts ( I know stupid ). So 1 year later the mount failed an the top of the shock was sticking through the trunk carpet.

Today I went to the dealer and bought the mount, washers, gasket and nuts. It took me about an hour and a half to replace and I torqued every thing to spec after all wheels were down.

I drove the car for 1 hour over some bumpy and twisty roads. Then I heard the loose change sound from the trunk. THE RUBBER IN THE NEW SHOCK MOUNT FAILED.

I'm worried that there is something else that is broken in the suspension that will cause this.

Any suggestions on what went wrong and what I should check?

Also, last week I had to replace the front swing arm on the passenger side (same side) It's the bar that connects the sway bar to strut.

Any help would be highly appreciated. I promise a full write up once resolved.