**** I have a 2003 Z4 5spd 2.5i going on 108,000 miles. I have had the car since 2006 & 18,000 miles. I enjoy reading this board, but don't really post. I was thinking of trading it in for an M Roadster or E89. I was wondering what others have experienced with their higher mileage Z4s as far as problems go. Not so much upgrades; but stuff that actually failed / broke. Maybe this can start a thread?

I'll give you a basic run down of mine (in no specific order): EPS unit (steering) & conv. top motor replaced under warranty (50K). After the warranty ran out I have done all mechanical work (minus tires, of course) myself:
Cam sensor replaced (55k), all belts replaced (60k), Power Flex control arm bushings (90k) (factory old ones were real loose), starter motor replaced with Bosch rebuild (77k), leaky valve cover gasket replaced (105k), replaced DT-ML pump/fuel cap/purge control solenoid/ & fixed broken wire in harness to it (106k) (SES light on), and a new Wal-Mart battery (106k).
Anyway, I think that is the major stuff. I replaced both brake sets a few times with PBR pads - and I still have the original rotors / calipers / hoses. Also, still on the original struts, springs, exhaust, ball joints, water pump, hoses, and radiator. I have been using Mobil 1 0W40 or Castrol 0 W 30 oil (BMW LL01 rated). Changed coolant (with BMW stuff) and brake fluid (Castrol) around 65k. At 70k I changed the Diff and manual tranny fluids with BMW dealer fluids.
I've had the 17" 10 spoke wheels "re-done" by Wheel Collision Center in Bath PA (they do nice work!) 4 or 5 times do to potholes and the horrible roads here in PA. I'm getting 25-30k out of each set of tires. I've had: factory runflats, Kumho ECSTAs (hated them), Vredestein (sp?)(loved them), & now BF Goodrich tires. For some reason this car goes through headlight bulbs FAST!
I love the car and it still drive great! I really don't want to trade it in, but I am just waiting for that huge repair I can't handle at home. I just took it on a 1,200 mile trip to Toronto and the only glitch was a blown head light bulb. Previously I had a Z3 & would only trade it in for an E85 M roadster (maybe a 3.0 si) or an E89 Z4.Would anyone like to post their repairs (water/fuel pumps, oil leaks, electronic issues, internal engine issues, etc...) and their mileage? I saw one guy on this board once with around 200k on his Z, - that's great! What's your experience? ***** Steve