Hello everyone,

I have a very curious situation where when I start my car (330 XI) the CD player automatically starts playing. The last thing I was listening to when I turned the car off was the satellite radio. This happens at random and does not always happen. Sometimes it will switch to auxiliary mode. I would prefer (and expect) the car to remember what I was playing last like any other car. If I was listening to the satellite I would expect it to still be on satellite mode when I get back in the car. If I was listening to the CD player, then it should be on CD mode.

I tend to think itís a setting, while my wife thinks itís a glitch or a faulty computer or something. To be honest, neither of us have a clue and when we took the car last to get serviced the technicians couldnít find anything that would cause the problem (which of course they couldnít duplicate while they had it).

Weíve tried reprogramming the personal settings for both of our keys but nothing weíve tried so far will prevent it from happening. Iíve read the manual and searched the web for solutions but still no luck.

It is more of an annoyance than anything, but would like to know what is causing it.

My hopes are that it is just a setting that seems to be eluding us. It would be wonderful if someone could point us in the right direction.

I thank you in advance for your time.