Hello all,

I have a 2005 330CIC zhp which I love as a weekend car. It's still under warranty, and though I love the OEM look of it, I started to tinker with aftermarket upgrades.

One of the first thing I tried was East Coast Induction's Intake, which seemed to give me a bit more boost. Had it for about 1 month (500 miles, don't drive much), but then the SES (service engine soon) light came on over the weekend.

Under warranty, but didn't want to have dealer see my ECI intake, I put the stock intake back on, and took it to dealer. The dealer ran many tests and diagnosed it as Mass Air Flow Sensor failure, and replaced it.

Now, I'm not sure if I should put the ECI intake back on as I am afraid, this may have caused the original SES light to come on. I searched the board, but found no info. Is it just a coincidence or can aftermarket intake 'confuse' the OEM mass air flow sensor?

Thanks in advance,

|| 98 540iA Sport || Don't have time for MODS yet ||