This past Tue, in the middle of a rainstorm of course, my 330Ci overheated while idling. I caught it just as the gauge hit the beginning of the red block and shut it off. (I was at a cemetery waiting for a funeral to start, BTW)Upon opening the hood, both electrical connections to the fan were disconnected.(manual transmissions have no belt driven fan)I Re-connected them and after cooling off the temp was back to normal. Both of these block connectors are the positive snap type where you need two hands to depress the tab and pull apart.... So how could this happen? My wife of course holds me responsible since in January I changed the thermostat and had removed the fan.(I think that has something to do with her having to walk through the puddles while the car cooled off) however, since then I've been in conditions that would have caused overheating if the fan was not operating. My thought was someone else deliberate action, but I'm the only one who goes under the hood. The last time the car was out of my control was early Feb when it was at the dealer for the rear sub frame class action inspection, and there was no reason for them to go under the hood. Anybody ever heard of anything similar?

BTW, I have now learned that the red area of the gauge is illuminated and glows when the needle hits it.