Sorry for the long post, but more info is usually better. 2001, 330i, 165k, original owner.

About 2 weeks ago, my DSC and BRAKE indicators lit up yellow (no ABS light). Research from this sight and others suggested that this was the ABS / DSC system. I chose to try easy things first. I tried to reset the steering position sensor by slowly cycling the steering full left and right. I removed and cleaned each of the four wheel speed pulse sensors. No change. (I also verified that the DSC is not functioning with some spirited driving.)

Then a few days ago, I got the SES LIGHT. I went to Autozone to get the basic code readout. They could not get the unit to show a connection after it was plugged in to the ODBII port. I looked up the Peake manual online. It referenced that sometimes the DSC unit could “hang communications on the I bus”. The manual suggested a couple of easy things to try such as cycling the key and connecting the meter before turning the key. Neither worked.

The last option was to RESET THE COMPUTER. It suggested to disconnect the battery and run the emergency flashers until completely dead. I am a little afraid of try this one because I don’t know what else will happen. I do know that the radio theft deterrent will need to be reset.

So here are my questions:
Has anyone done this reset? What else will happen?
What else can I check on the DSC system before going to the dealer?

Any info will be greatly appreciated. As always, I will post an update once resolved. Thanks.