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    O2 Sensor change

    Just did my 100,000 mile O2 sensor change out.

    Used Bosch parts and it took a couple of hours. Pre cat ones were quick and easy. The post cat ones under the car were tricky. I need a universal joint and offset O2 socket for the closer, and I cut the wires off and used a deep well O2 sensor socket for the back one. By the way my deep well socket wasn’t deep enough for the Bosch O2 sensors (that is, with wires still attached).

    The new O2 sensors actually seem to help the performance during acceleration. I’m wondering about gas mileage.

    I also replaced the O ring on the power steering pump reservoir cap. The old one was hard and deformed into a shape like a wedge…no seal there. You could feel the new one compressing when you put the cap on. Hopefully that will stop some of the mess on the reservoir.

    Probably saved $500 doing this myself.

    2000 323Ci 104,000 miles.

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    All good! Good going to DIY too.

    Feels good to have it all done. I bet the O2 sensors could help mileage and performance; mostly the pre-cat which has more to do with engine management. Post-cat are for emissions.

    O-ring around the PS res did make a big difference when I changed it out. Stopped the leak. I'm almost wondering if they changed the material because my res was leaky right from the factory. After replacement, it's never leaked again over maybe 25K miles!
    Wait a moment, what am I thinking?? BMW improve a part along its lifetime? Naaah!

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