Hi Harold I'm not certain its just the bulb that needs replacing. Do you have experience of just installing a bulb and having it work? I'm hesitant to take apart something that is working, to install a bulb when it might turn out the Motronic and loom parts are also missing.

From another bmw board

"It is not only the missing light bulb.
Depends on built year/month and MOTRONIC version. On the EURO version the bulb place is empty. And the wires between cluster and MOTRONIC are not there.
Lots of discussions on the German E32 forum about this.
For example on the MOTRONIC 3.3 it is possible to do the wiring, on the older 1.2 of the M70 EURO version it is said not to be working.
Stomp test function was only required for U.S. specification models.
EURO versions do not have them, also Japan spec cars do not have it."