My E28 (84 528e) i think is on its last legs. or is it? here the status. you tell me... should i just move on (buy an E39) or put the money into it.

- rear wheel bearing
- driveshaft centre bearing
- front control arms and steering linkages
- rear drive axle and u joint
- probably need to troubleshoot a bad injector (engine runs rough, consumes more fuel than normal)

and even if i did all this, it still is rusting out. the rear end is rusted away and the bumper is unsafely mounted with a bracket i made to keep it on. the parking brakes are gone.

i worked it out to be about $3000-4000 in repairs if i supply the parts and get the shop to do the work. thinking... put that money towards a new used car like a 540i.

what do you think?
84 528e
71 3.0CS euro