Got a problem that I'm trying to run down but so far, no luck. My 72tii will be humming along fine and suddenly the engine will quit completely (only noticed the engine dying cause I happened to look down at the tac when it jerked-it was at zero) then, in a second or 2 or 4, it will kick back on and run fine. I'm trying to trace back all my wiring to find loose connections or breaks but, so far, no luck. I even put a new Pertronix in but that didn't change anything. Right now I am just doing a regular tune-up (plugs, timing, air/fuel mix) and hoping that, as I go along I will find something that will solve the problem. A real pain because it is very infrequent and only seems to happen when I'm driving down the road so hard to find any problem when it is sitting in my driveway. Grounds all good. Checked the fuel line from tank to engine-all good. Any suggestions are appreciated.
TIA -Tim