Greetings All,

My 2001 740il Sport just crossed 117K here in Florida. This car has been great to me but I am at a cross roads on whether to keep the car and spend more on repairs, maintenance and fuel costs for the next 2 to 3 years. or sell it and get into a used WRX, Legacy, Audi or a GTI.

I do not need a very big car as my needs are changed but certainly that is easy on the wallet. During the week the car is just used to short trip to the gym and grocery store and over the weekend I make 500 mile trip from West coast to East coast twice or thrice a month.

Right now the car needs
Front upper and lower control arms
Rear Ball Joints
Front windows regulator
Rear Window Regulator
Speed Sensor
Oil Change
Front Brakes
Fog Lamps

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated in helping me make my mind.