I've got a good reason to wake up and drag my [Oops!] to work: Start putting some TNC into my trusty 2004 328i! The best thing I've done for it so far is replacing the factory air intake. I got a performance intake heat shield/K&N filter from Signature Motoring. It quite literally dropped in, easiest install possible. Steel heat shield is a marvel in today's China-made market. If anyone is considering this, this kit they have for about $180 shipped is superb. 9HP gain, nice sound at high rev but sounds stock regular driving.

Any you guys have opinions on the "semi-forged" D-Force wheels? Bavarian Autosport has a whole spread on them in the most recent mailer. I've always had OEM rims and a bit hesitant to go aftermarket, but it seems everyone is. The price is a bargain.