Now that the MINI JCW is out of my mind due to reliability and complains about current owners not to mention overpriced I am thinking about getting a brand new 1 series Convertible instead.
I have heard of some flaws that the twin turbo is now experiencing and I am not sure now if I really want a 135.
I know that I might miss out on all that power and speed of the 135 but on the long run would the 128 be a good choice? I want this car to last me for a very long time but would I be happy with this car to keep and have as a fun car?
I used to own a E46 and I still remember how I enjoyed driving that car except I always thought that car was too big for me. I really love small cars and the smaller they are the better for 2 good reasons, better gas milage and you can park them almost anywhere.
For all you 128 and 135 owners, sure would like your imputs, thanks.