hello, Im from southeast Arizona, and i hve been dabbling in Volkswagon and bmw for around 10 years now.

Both cars were origonaly purchased in AZ and are 98% rust free.

The primerd 320 is a 77 that ive been building from a rolling axle. the engine came from a wrecked 74 2002, New rings, bearings, water/oil pumps and clutch. 5 speed trans from an 82 320, im running the stock "macoroni" intake and injection from the 77, Billstien sports all around "uninstalled",3.64:1 LS diff. shaved doors and side marker lights. I have everything to put this car on the road minus trunk and sunroof seals.
Waiting for warmer weather to shoot her. going OG polaris silver.
This is my Ultimate Driving Machine... my toy

The blue one is an 82 that i purchased apr 17 2010 out the newspaper for $250!
needed head gasket, in tank fuelpump, all vac rubber, alt bracket, plugs,cap,wires. all of which i have from the 81 parts car. had been hotwired. Seats, dash and headliner imaculate so as far as i was concerend, worth 250 right there. got her on the road in under 4 days and she is currently my DD.

With the above deal, he gave me an 88 528, i just have to go and get it, no. 4 cyl valve is broken but cyl looks fine. im going to order a rebuilt head on ebay someday and see about throwing her in my 77. Also i would like the see if i can fab the brake setup to run on the 77, anyone got any info on this?

also, 77 intake opposed to sidedraft carbs, whats better performance wise?