Hi. I need to change my drive belts as they havent been changed in a long time and show signs of cracking.

I have searched the archives.

I would like to have a picture of how the belts go around the water pump aircon pulley etc..

I am a little confused as to whether or not there are two alternators for the V12. I can definitely see one big usual looking one to the right of the engine bay as you open the hood. Is the other alternator much smaller and to the left of the engine bay?

I have fitted auxillary belts before in other cars but this one looks a little more complicated. I understand that once you know it takes around 10 mins. It helps if you take the fan off first and thats OK with me- I am just worried about which nut I have to undo first. I can see the tensioner which looks like a shock absorber. Can I change the belts from above or do I need to jack the car up and go fvrom the bottom?

The 2 belts are 6pk x 1080 and 5pk x 1165 ribbed as I understand.
thanks in advance