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    Vibration only when cool / empty tank

    Hello All,

    My '94 850ci has had a longstanding vibration at pretty much all speeds, which nobody has been able to pinpoint and is slowly driving me nuts. I had my driveshaft, motor and transmission mounts etc replaced over time. When the weather is warm (above 70 degrees) and the tank is full, it disappears - !! I'm guessing some rubber suspension parts have hardened over the years, but which ones? Does anyone have any ideas?
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    my quess is rear suspension bushings

    all oem spherical bearing bushings are crap. their rubber boot disappears (turns into rubber dust) and then dirt goes into the ball joint area and slowly kills it. The newer ones are better, slightly.

    I would check the shocks, they do cause vibration and heat/load can affect them greatly. worn/cracked rear shock mount can also cause strange things.

    vibration can also be caused by exhaust/muffler but the gas tank suggest it must be related to suspension. The load changes with a empty/full tank.

    It could be a lot of things, unless somebody experienced this before
    it will be a hit or miss game.

    good luck and definitely write down here the solution/culprit so we can all learn from it.

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    Re: my quess is rear suspension bushings

    Thanks, Laszlo - I'm having the car serviced shortly at Gault, and will make sure they check them. Mufflers are being replaced at the same time.

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