I have a 2000 328i BMW.

As of a year ago, it has been in and out of the BMW authorized service in beverly hills, CA.

I have brought it in now 5 times for the same problem.

The problem occurs intermittently - approx. every month or so. sometimes more sometimes less.

while driving (in ANY situation: on a freeway, up a hill, down a hill, straight, on curves, etc)
all of a sudden 3 of the warning lights go on and immediately the car will jerk and lose accelearation power - chugging along.

I am able to remedy the situation ONLY by moving off the road. turning off the engine. and restarting. at that time only the service engine light will remain on. the car will beging to act "almost" normally again - chugging a bit but ok.
The service engine light will remain on for about 5 times of futher starting up of the car. and then the warning lights go out and all is back to normal

when I bring it into BMW they are unable to see any faults on the computer.

After having my car for over 2 months - one of the service techs was able to experience this terrifying and dangerous problem.

they still have my car.
they have replaced a bunch of diff things trying to figure out what the problem is - to no avail
I have spent over $5,000 for them to fix this one issue and about 8 months of trying.

anyone else have a similar problem??
please help!