I have seen previous messages regarding tires so thought I'd share my recent experience. Had to replace old Bridgestone RE050As, run flat. Stiff, harsh tires but on a smooth dry road, great cornering. after much research (and internal debate) decided to try the Hankook Ventus V12 non run flats. They had very good reviews in comparison to PS2s and price was close to half of PS2 or RE050A RFTs. Have a couple thousand kms on them and am very satisfied. Much smoother, more give on bumps/potholes which I can't avoid where I live, noticeably quieter at all speeds. With more give to the sidewalls, cornering is not quite as much "on the rails" but my experience to date is the Hankooks stick better to the road than the RE050As. There has been some messages that the Hankooks wear fast but so far for me, nothing unexpected. But need more mileage to tell.

2004 645ci, Sport package, chromed wheels, Chiaretto Red, Beige Interior