Hello all.

After some heavy breaking on news pads and discs all round, I overheated the brakes and the discs on the front have formed ridges, (sharp little bumps accross each whole disc). The braking effect after this is significantly reduced. So, I have bought new pads which hopefully I will fit tomorrow. However, I'm presuming that the pads have worn to fit these ridges and are therefore "ridged" in the opposite pattern. Therefore, when I put the new discs on the pads will have gaps in the contact area.

My question is, will the pads wear down to a smooth normal surface and be fine with the new discs or will the breaking be rubbish unless I get new pads as well? I presume the ridged pads wont be harmfull to the new smooth discs?

Thanks for all your help in advance :)

Erolc1993 520i