I am looking to buyout our 7-series. We do not wish to buy or lease a new car right now.
We do not wish to have another car from dealer stock, but we don't want to pay a premium over reasonable retail market value.

My research yields:
BMW FS Residual: $53k
Trade-In: $39k
Manheim Auto Auction: $25-38k

The best offer from the local dealer with supposed negotiated price with BMW FS is $47k.

Why will BMW FS and BMW NA not deal with a loyal customer? It seems that we are the only ones being asked to pay an $6-8k premium over current retail market value. Anyone else who picks up this car will either get at auction for under $40k and that dealer will likely resell it for at least a $5k profit.

We are not asking for any special offer or below market pricing, we are simply asking for reasonable retail buyout. It seems like a win-win proposition to me: BMW keeps a loyal customer and we get the car we want and know after driving it 3 years.

Any advice for getting the dealer, BMW NA or BMW FS to deal with us on this? This is a particularly frustrating situation and is turning us off to BMW.