Hi folks, just wanted to share something with the board here.

My 2003 Z4 need new pads and tires. After some research, I decided to go with the Axxis delux pads cause I was tired of the brake dust on my rims. Well, I must say that there is virtually no brake dust now. I was also looking at the Akibonos.

Thoughts on the new pads - No noise (my biggest worry), however, I must say that they don't bite as well as the OEM pads. Initial bite is the same (can't tell diff), but on long hard braking the OEM pads seem to bite with more uniformity (under same brake peddle pressure). With the Axxis, on hard long brakes, you have to put more pressure on the peddle towards the end to get the same amount of bite that you would on the OEMs. Now this really isn't a big deal on daily commute, as I can't even notice it 99% of the time. I've only noticed it on those long hard brakes when you think you're about to rear end someone, or something like that, that you need to apply more pressure than with the OEM pads.

I also got new rotors to go with it. Went with a brand called Balo (German company). I'll report later on how they hold up. So far so good. They were only $50 a piece, whereas the OEM were $100.

Tires - went with Khumo Ecsta SPT. I was worried about them because they were so cheap at only $81 ($25 to install) a piece at tirerack, but I must say that I'm pretty impressed. Note - I've only ridden the OEM Bridgestone runflats (which suck). Compared to the run flats, they're a bit softer so you can't feel every single small crack in the road. But the biggest benefit is that the tram lining (where your car follows grooves in roads like its possessed) is virtually gone! It's like having a completely different car. I am so happy that this is gone now, since I thought of trading in the Z4 just for this issue in the past.

I got portable airpump and a flat tire fix kit should I ever need it. The other tires I was looking at were Pirelli PZero, but they were about twice as much as the Khumos. I'll also report later on how the Khumos hold up.