This is a topic i posted in the "other forum" but haven't been able to find and answer to my problem yet. hoping for better luck here...

Now I know this topic has been discussed extensively in this forum, I know because i have been searching through all of them, but I'm looking to pin point my problem better. since last summer I have been getting a fuel smell inside the cabin only after the car
has warmed up and only when I really step on the gas.
now I have replaced the fuel pumps, fuel filters, and checked all the lines. Even the ones way back behind the engine. Checked the fuel rails as well.
This all started last summer after i had all this work done. i also had the caps rotors, spark plugs, valve cover gaskets and removed the cats. I thought that maybe it was because of the cats but its not exhaust smell its definitely gas and only when the car is warmed up. Any suggestions?