Here's the latest video's from my Z3 race car. The track is Buttonwillow Raceway Park ( BRP for short ;^) just outside Bakersfield and is visable from the 5. This is the same track that's featured in many of the Road and Track articles on the Z3. One advantage of this track is its multi-configuration layout, in this case it's 14 in the clock-wise diretion. The first race is in a new class primarily for former World Challenge Touring cars called STU, which my class of car is allowed to run in also.

Then second video is from my primary class, Improved Touring-R, which is what my car's built to. What you can't see is how close the Rx-7 is to my rear bumper all of the laps in this video.

On lap nine after the camera ran out of memory the Rx-7 spun off the track sweeper turn just before the chicane, giving me some breathing room to ease up a little. Still, I the car got really hot, so I pulled of track early. This also ended my weekend.


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