I just ended my lease with Mini. Surprise.. 350.00 to end the lease. At the start I asked if there were any ending charges and they assured me as long as the car was returned in good condition and under the mileage there were no hidden fees. Do they cared that they lied now... no.it is in the small print. I had a 2007 Cooper S that was fun to drive as long as there was no snow. I put expensive head lights on the car but when I gave the car back they never gave them to me. I paid cash for them and feel that was my property. I called them about it and they could have cared less. Said it lessened the value of the car!? I asked to have them back and they said the car was gone and there was no way. I mean between the stripes(which I didn't expect anything for) and lights I paid 1100.00 cash up front. NO credit on the lights or anything. Acted like they were theirs to do with what they wanted. Honestly, the car was OK and a fun summer car but dealing with Mini of Pittsburgh and BMW has been a drag. Most uncool bunch of people ever. So glad it is over!! Act bored most of the time, well except the day I leased the car. That day they made tons of promises and were my best friend. I was never late on a payment and maintained it on schedule. Got 4 tires on the car that cost 1100.00. Sheesh. They always made me feel like they were doing me a favor to have that car. I will NEVER deal with this company again which is sad because I was looking forward to the Countryman. I also have a Subaru and my husband has a Ford truck and those companies has always treated us well. Suby power for me. Been driving one for 10 years(4 total) and will continue. I never thought I would hear myself say this but MINI Cooper sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good bye and good riddance.