OK, sorry for the dramatic title. 88 635 has electrical issues that I can't figure out-and these are the intermittent kind that only happen some of the time. If I can't get it operational, time to move on and get rid of it.

Prob 1: Brake lights function fine sometimes, other times not at all. No brake lights, no drive.
Prob 2: When the brake lights go, seems to take the wipers with it. In fact, since I can't see the brake lights, I use the wipers as a test to make sure I haven't lost my brake lights-occassionally hitting the wipers just to be sure they still work indicates my brakes are good too.
Prob 3: Slow battery drain. I now have a battery disconnect in but if I did not the battery would drain in 24 hours.

I have played with the fuse and relay box-occassionally it seems that if I wiggle the relays the problem will cease but I can't seem to isolate which relay is the cause. I've swapped compatible relays with no real success. On several occassions I've thought I found the answer only to see it fail again.

I've looked at the electrical troubleshooting manual and near as I can find there should be no connection between the wipers and the brake lights.

I'd like to let my 18 yr old drive it some but obviously with no brake lights, out of the question.

Help, please.