Last week i had to give in and basically junk my 528e which for 11 years has been a great car. i was quite sad about it since i did most of the work on it myself over that time. but it rusted out in the back end and had about $3k of work to do on it (suspension, engine, driveshaft). i decided to move to a 2000 540i. i wanted to sell the 528e to someone who would get it back on the road or at least use it for parts. but i ran out of time. the lot i had it parked in, i was told, would be towing cars out of it (it was not legally parked). and there was no place else for me to put it.

so i called a guy who picked it up, gave me $75 and he sells the cars to junk yards. sad.

but i notice on here there are very few posts. has the E28 gone the way of the dodo?plexus
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