I have a 2000 M with the heated seats and ever since I've had it the passenger seat would not heat up. When you pressed the button the light in the switch would come on for 5-10 seconds and then go off.

Yesterday I was working on a few of the smaller jobs I wanted to do with the car and thought to try swapping the driver and passenger side switches to see if the problem was in the switch or the seat. Well, it appears to be the switch.

I did notice that when I held the bad switch it would get hot when you turned it on where the good switch remained cool. It wasn't so hot that you couldn't touch it (there was no discoloration in the plastic) but it definitely heated up compared to the other one.

Does anyone have a source for a replacement switch? (or maybe a switch they could part with :-) ?) I was able to find switches for
earlier models but I didn't come across any for the 2000 M.