traded in my Z3 for cpo '06 Z4. 3 treated me great and loved it, but was needing lot of tlc and Moritz made me a deal I couldn't resist.
Looking for input on:
1) moved my whalenshiftmachine to the Z4 after driving home, still the most amazing inexpensive upgrade for any BMW - EVER. I'm looking at the LeatherZ Mark 4 armrest, and wonder how people like theirss, and if anyone has one with whalen shifter.
2) on the Z3, I'd done the rear view mirror swap out for the GM rear view mirror with lights (with Gary's adapter for installtion). The coverage area was superb. The Z4 mirror is somewhat better than stock Z3, but still not great. I can barely get rear view/side mirrors aligned for seeing both rear and eliminating blind spots. Anyone swap theirs out for better coverage? If so, what did you use?