Folks -

Been a LONG time since I've posted or lurked here; I have a 74 tii that unfortunately, I've had to keep in covered storage for several years. She was running fine when I put her away and now I'd like to get her ready for some summer driving.

While in storage, the battery and one tire have gone bad.... no problem there. The biggest issue is RODENTS, goddamn it! They got into the interior and made a mess of things, most of all pissy smells. I'm in luck in that the interior is the only element of the vehicle that I had not yet gotten to, so... I did put a carpet kit in it (World Uph) but suspect I'll have to toss it all.

Any recommendations on what I should do to get my darling road worthy again? I know it'll need gas flushed through the tank and injection pump, along with a good general inspection.

I'd appreciate any remarks or cautions.


John Moorhead
Lakeport, CA