A week ago, my car was hit on the driver's side, denting the door and rear quarter panel, as well as bending the left-rear wheel. I was going through a very green light when a pickup ran the red light and broadsided me. After spinning around nearly 180 degrees, I jumped out of the car and pointed at the truck as it sped off.

At least one witness went searching for the hit-and-run driver.

As I was standing around visiting with witnesses while waiting for the police to arrive, I got curious as to whether any of the airbags went off. I walked back to check and found that the one in the driver's side door had gone off. I just didn't notice it at the time it happened. The car had saved me from any injury from he Dodge Ram that had hit me.

After a bit, the officer arrived, took information from witnesses and from me. I retrieved my musical instrument from the trunk and climbed into the police car, as it was starting to rain.

After all this had happened, the other driver returned, apologized to me and admitted to hitting me. He used a stuck accelerator as his excuse for not stopping. He finally got it stopped at his apartment, where, I'm sure, his wife told him he better get his butt back to the scene if he didn't want to be sent to jail.

Well, the adjustor finally looked at my car today and told me it's repairable, which is good news. I really didn't want it to be totaled. I've planned on keeping my Z3 as long as possible, if not forever.Lobo