Hi All,
I'm am writing this not only to help others but also to have directions in the archives in case i have to do this again. After spending hours fiddling with the key pin hole with paperclips and bobbypins i found the answer. What can be more frustrating is that many directions found on line are for the E36, not the E30 and the tumbler is not the same nor is the removal.
For the E30.. start by turning the key clockwise approaching position 1 .I used a dental pick with a simple straight end , but a long stiff needle will also work. Insert the needle into the hole ..it will not go in very far but using slight pressure turn the key clockwise slowly and it will drop in about 3/8" more(holding the needle slightly toward the key helps) At this point you are on the release pin. Now angle the needle slightly away from the key.This will lower the release pin and the tumbler will simply pull right out. I tried it several times and it works every time.
In my case the plastic steering wheel lock button on the tumbler broke and jammed the tumbler not allowing it to turn to the start position. I just removed that piece and now it working fine.
Hopefully this will help someone keep a 15 min job from turning into a 5 hr job! Myself included!Rick
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