I just installed my iCarbon CF diffuser. I ordered it about a week or so ago and it arrived fast (which was really nice considering it was free shipping and I was expecting to wait about 3 weeks). I bought it directly from iCarbon at http://www.shopicarbon.com/. I could not be more happy with it. Fit = 10/10, Finish = 10/10. It was incredibly easy to install and in my opinion it looks amazing.

Here are the pics:

Also, they send you a free t-shirt, and who does not like a free t-shirt.

I can not say enough good things about the guys at iCarbon, they answered their emails instantaneously, and b/c I forgot my t-shirt size on the order form they called me on a Saturday night to ask me. (1. who do you know works on a Saturday night? 2. They left me their cell phone number to call them backů. Crazy customer service if you ask me).