OK...I just spent the last few weekends replacing the clutch in my '75 '02. Flywheel was resurfaced...pilot and throwout bearings replaced. Started her up and there was an unusual noise...kind of like the sound the fan would make if it were rubbing on the surround by the radiator. That's what I thought it was at first but... When depressing the cluch the noise would abate a bit but never go away.

Also...smoking from the friction (I guess) from the new disc. That went away after a few minutes.

Put the car in neutral with the engine running, release the clutch and the noise goes away. So I drove around the block. Car ran OK. Shifted OK. Clutch released quickly...like maybe I need to further bleed the system...a softer than usual pedal. The noise never goes away.

I don't know enough to describe the symptoms or sound any better. It was a challenge to do the job but I did it all alone. That's something I guess. Now I just don't know.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Is my next stop a "real" mechanic putting her up on a liftt and pulling the transmission again.

Honestly I can't bring myself to pulling it all apart again...at least not for a while. But I miss having the car on the road.