Ok my Z4 started acting up, last year the check engine light came on, ran the code and cylinder 5 was the problem, replaced the coil and everything was fine. Stored the car over winter, and just recently while driving on the highway, car lost power almost went into limp mode, I exited the highway, shut off the car, waited 3 minutes turned it back on and everything was fine. This week the check engine came back on, car runs fine, I just haven't ran the code, I am thinking its going to be the same problem again. Sadly I don't use my car that much after my daughter was born, I am considering trading in for a 2011 5 series 528 when they come out in October. Another problem the car needs the top motor to be replaced, will these two factor effect the trade in value dramatically? It a 2003 2.5i with only 45K, I bought it back in 2007 with 34K, I have only put 10K since I got it. Also car is in great condition outside and inside, top is clean too for a 2003.